The Great Graveyard of the Blogosphere

With all the current hype for blogging, sometimes the cold, hard facts get lost. According to research from Gartner Group, the number of abandoned blogs will topped 200 million in late 2006.

Jokes about creating a blog to impress your Mom aside (Hi Mom:-), they are predicting that the number of blogs will peak at 100 million in 2007 before dropping back to around 30 million. Nothing to sneeze at but a drop in the bucket for the global Web.


What does this mean to the average B2B marketer? Content and community seem to be the key. Do you have something relevant to say? Is there an audience who cares enough to read and discuss your topic? While I presently enjoy discussing the subtleties of postal data quality can I find an online quorum?

In the end, the basic drivers of successful Internet marketing still apply (event with Web 2.0) – content is king and community is his queen.

The barriers to starting a blog are so low that just about anyone can have (and adandon one). So what are you waiting for?

Author: Frank Days

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