A Web 2.0 Tag Cloud

I was killing time waiting for hideous traffic on 128 to subside so I could get to the mall to buy espresso cups, and I came across this Web 2.0 tag cloud on wikipedia. I was researching tag clouds, because I think they’re cool, but I realized that this particular example was something worth pointing out here on Tangy Slice, and the color scheme matches well, too.

Web 2.0 Tag Cloud by Luca Cremonini

For businesses and businesspeople thinking, “Hey, we’ve got to do some of this Web 2.0 stuff!” this is a good place to illustrate that the definition is fuzzy (cloud-like, get it?) and it includes many concepts, not all of which are really applicable or profitable for every business. If you’re too lazy to come up with your own Web 2.0 marketing strategy, you can always just make your own tag cloud here. I bet it’ll look really cool in your next powerpoint deck.

Author: Frank Days

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