Day 2: Working Through the Backlog of Nominations

Progress: 16 sites. Man, this is a slow process. At least my cat is now a social media star now too.

Recent nominations from friends:

Dogster: For the love of the dog. I do like dogs but I have a house full of kids right now. We dog sit for my neighbor’s dog sometimes. Does that count? I think it does!

Catster: OK, I added our family cat for my kids. I figured they would enjoy it. No paw mail yet:-( It’s all about self-expression. They say they are for the “regular joe”… hey, I’m a regular joe! OK, It’s been a while since I starred in a local rock band (OK, I played for one summer with the band Heretix, I went back to college, they became local heroes and well, here I am). I did once have one of those cool 80’s Duran Duran haircuts (good thing we didn’t have Facebook back then).

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Zivity (beta): Not sure I’m ready to join beauty revolution. Also , my career a fashion photographer was short lived. Sorry, I’m going to pass here.

OK. Onward and upward. Tomorrow is another day.

Author: Frank Days

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