13 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Street Cred

1. Get a shiny new “persona”. Using the name your parents gave you is boring. Why be Frank when you could be something hipper like Days.fm or Tangyslice. Check out the Internet Anagam Generator where there is an endless supply of hip sounding yet meaningless names at your disposal.

2. Join Twitter and start following the cool people.

3. Start reading Valleywag.

4. Get a new haircut and dark rimmed glasses. This is one of those rare moments in your professional life when a receding hairline plays to your advantage. Go ahead. You can do it.

5. Use Facebook to make fun of your boss’ inability to put his cellphone on vibrate (and see if he notices (sorry Mark)).

6. Dream up unproven, speculative social media promotions and pester your Marketing Director to drop everything because “the future is now”.

7. Attend a Mzinga lunchtime BBQ – again this is where you can meet really cool people.

8. Hire a new PR firm – Despite my recent poking at some of the “old school” firms, these guys are really up on what works and what doesn’t (sorry about the old school label Shift Communications, I let my past experiences cloud the fact you have some of the top social media people in Boston).

9. Get a new PDA/iPhone. I went with the stylish Blackberry Pearl as it works like a PDA yet feels like a phone.

10. Sign up for HelloTxt or Ping.fm so you can look like a hero by posting your status updates everywhere with one click.

11. Find a couple of friends for regular Twitter banter and inside jokes (OK, enough with the duck jokes).

12. Bore your suburban neighbors by endlessly babbling about how social media will change their lives.

13. Sign up for every social media site you can find to see if there really is something different out there.

Social media coolness is a few clicks away. What are you waiting for…

Author: Frank Days

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