Day 4: Too Busy and Falling Behind

Last night I was busy hanging out with the cool kids at the GeekNorth Tweetup at Bukowski’s in Inman Sq. It was nice to meet @thinkjose, @technicalpickles and @pistachio (even though I got a tweet as @thingyslice and my colleagues didn’t believe I actually attended the event). It was interesting to learn what people are doing and how they are trying to make sense of all of these new media.

Progress: 19 sign ups, 81 to go

Back to the grind:

New sites:

Hamsterster: I’m not making this up. A site dedicated to hamster and gerbil owners. The gerbil is often discriminated against so I was pleased to see they were included in this site. Sadly, my childhood hamster had a burial at sea a few decades ago so I am going to have to pass.

Virb: “A place that lets you put all of the things that make you you – photos, videos, blogs – in one place. So you can find friends (and friends can find you).” Sounds like alot of other places. I did add my blog feed so I can “be there”. Next.

Bebo: Recently acquired by AOL, Bebo is big with in Europe. In its words “Bebo is a social media network where friends share their lives and explore great entertainment”. Basically, it is an alternative to Facebook and MySpace. You can find me at It is more center of the universe syndrome as they want to push to my blog rather than me pulling my blog into the site. I know I have friends who use this site. I wonder if they will spontaneously find me.

FriendFeed: Another service to aggregate all of your online feeds (i.e. Twitter, Blog, Digg). I like the idea as it is getting more difficult to keep track of things. I’m just wondering if this will get unreadable quickly as I add more content? We’ll see. My public page is:

I hope I can add more tonight.

Author: Frank Days

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