Day 10: The search for intelligent life

Now that I am one third of the way through my journey, I have shifted gears from a sheer volume-based search to a quest for useful and interesting social platforms.  Since we are in the middle of a speculative Web 2.0 bubble, there is a virtually limitless supply of niche social media sites.  For those of you who disagree with this assertion, there is where you can “roll your own” social media network.

With over 30 sites in the bag, I am looking for tools that can help me keep track of my friends and “share” my status updates (I know this is a broadcast approach to social media but it is the best I have right now). I am still using HelloTxt as my preferred tool for aggregation and distribution. I am regularly logging onto Twitter, Facebook and Brightkite (maybe its because I want people to know that I spend my days on the 42nd floor of the Firstgiving Tower in Davis Sq.)

Here are the latest Tangy extensions:

Mybloglog:  Now a Yahoo property, this site allows you to aggregage content from 49 sites (yes 49 sites!) in one place.  It also allows you to create an RSS feed or push your content to a bunch of third part sites including Netvibes. This seems intriguing for its sheer volume of sites but I am still trying to figure out how it works.

Profilactic: Memorable name aside, this is yet another aggregator (YAA). It seemed promising until I learned I needed a Ping.FM account to update my statuses.

Ping.FM: Yep, they are in a private beta.  I signed up for it and offered to say something nice on my blog if they sent me a beta code.  I guess they’ve heard that line before.  Anyone out there have a spare one?

SocialThing: YAA.  Surprise, they are having a private beta.  This is getting a little predictable.  I sent in my email but I’m not holding my breath.  Do I have any friends on this site?  My kids’ school PTO really needs the money for cultural enrichment programs.

Yoono: (I think it is pronounced “You Know”): This is a browser plugin that functions as YAA.  I like the idea of this as it connect to the biggies (ie Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of IM clients).  The UI, however, is a little confusing and the sidebar can get distracting.  I’m going to run with it a few more days to see if it grows on me.

Enough for now.  Friend you later.

Author: Frank Days

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