Day 14: Must not stop, Must not stop…

As I rapidly approach the midpoint of my journey, I am feeling a little like I did this afternoon on my 18 year old mountain bike with squeaky brakes. It seemed like a pretty straightforward trip and before you know it I was huffing and puffing up that last hill to SliceCentral.

It was a weekend full of laughter and tears as I added some newcomers to the list.  So here they are: – This is a music community that is popular with my colleagues in the UK.  I can see why people really like this site.  It is a virtually limitless supply of music tagged by users and available as streamed audio.  My first search was for the band U2 (I know, predictable).  The site then delivered 8 or 9 related yet randomly selected songs by other artists.  This will likely be one of the greatest slices list at the end of this adventure.

Kwippy – Basically it is a simple way to post your status to Gtalk and Yahoo messenger.  Since I don’t use either of these services, this was a bust (after thinking I found one before Limeduck did).

Inviteshare – Are you having a tough time getting into that one special private beta?  This is the motherload for people seeking and sharing for beta invitations.  I signed up but will hold it in reserve for those desperate moments later this week. – They unseated Plurk as the flavor of the week.  I signed up over the weekend and it took less than 24 hours for the complaints to start flowing on Twitter about the site being down.  Hellotxt added so this is a freebie for updates. – I can’t believe I forgot this site.  I discovered early last year and somehow forgot about them.  Its simplicity is a strength when compared to other social bookmarking sites like Digg (I know, I know, some people believe Digg really isn’t a social bookmarking site). Regardless, I find this site very easy-to-use and expect to have it back in my daily rotation.

Enough for now. Tweet you later.

Author: Frank Days

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  1. I’m enjoying this odyssey more than I should…perhaps I identify with the “search for middle-aged social media coolness”

    I’m also into the carbon free commute tweets…here’s something that puts the two things together. Sportstracker is a social networking site for people who use GPS to track their workouts. You can post your cycle/walk/run/skate/ski direct from your N95 (the same phone truly cool Steve Garfield uses). I’m in week 2 of my carbon free summer (so far only one slip up last Monday when I drove to work in Burlington). Check out my posts on Sportstracker at: search for dshugrue after you have signed up. Hey, you haveto get to 100 somehow.

    Also, check out and search for transport7 to see pictures submitted by my product Ambassadors during “Bike to Work Week”

    While you are at it you can sign up for Share on Ovi as well…why not?

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