Day 14: Must not stop, Must not stop…

As I rapidly approach the midpoint of my journey, I am feeling a little like I did this afternoon on my 18 year old mountain bike with squeaky brakes. It seemed like a pretty straightforward trip and before you know it I was huffing and puffing up that last hill to SliceCentral.

It was a weekend full of laughter and tears as I added some newcomers to the list.  So here they are: – This is a music community that is popular with my colleagues in the UK.  I can see why people really like this site.  It is a virtually limitless supply of music tagged by users and available as streamed audio.  My first search was for the band U2 (I know, predictable).  The site then delivered 8 or 9 related yet randomly selected songs by other artists.  This will likely be one of the greatest slices list at the end of this adventure.

Kwippy – Basically it is a simple way to post your status to Gtalk and Yahoo messenger.  Since I don’t use either of these services, this was a bust (after thinking I found one before Limeduck did).

Inviteshare – Are you having a tough time getting into that one special private beta?  This is the motherload for people seeking and sharing for beta invitations.  I signed up but will hold it in reserve for those desperate moments later this week. – They unseated Plurk as the flavor of the week.  I signed up over the weekend and it took less than 24 hours for the complaints to start flowing on Twitter about the site being down.  Hellotxt added so this is a freebie for updates. – I can’t believe I forgot this site.  I discovered early last year and somehow forgot about them.  Its simplicity is a strength when compared to other social bookmarking sites like Digg (I know, I know, some people believe Digg really isn’t a social bookmarking site). Regardless, I find this site very easy-to-use and expect to have it back in my daily rotation.

Enough for now. Tweet you later.

Author: Frank Days

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