Day 15: You’re ugly, you have no friends and…

…your mother dresses you funny.

That was a common insult when I was about 8 years old.  These days I take solace in the fact that I did find a loving wife years ago and my mother doesn’t dress me anymore.  The middle part of that statement, however, hits a little closer to home.  When I started this inane trek, I figured someone would find me on these site.  I do have some “real” friends after all (238 on LinkedIn, 104 on Twitter and 61on Facebook to be exact). So what is the deal?  Despite a recent outpouring of moral support, over the last two weeks I’ve had fewer than 5 friend requests from places beyond these core three sites and most were in the form of invitations (thank yous to Dan Shugrue and Chuck Burt for the help).

So how can you help Sir Slice overcome the sour quacking forces of evil?  There are three ways:

1.  Keep those suggestions coming.  Feel free to post them to my blog as comments, message me on one of the sites or resort to boring old email.  I am flexible (even though one former disgruntled PR manager once said I couldn’t manage my way out of a wet paper bag).

2. Add me as a friend.  I’m getting lonely and joining dating sites would certainly cause some marital strife.  Ideally, I’d like to see more friends from sites other than FB, Twitter or LinkedIn.

3. Make a donation to my Firstgiving online fundraising page.  I am raising money for the Brackett School PTO, the official charity of the Slice Family.  This money supports cultural enrichment programs for middle class kids in Arlington.  Basically, because of prop 2 1/2 these schools have no money to teach kids about things like Jazz, poetry and opera.  I’ve committed to $1 for each site I sign up for with a goal of 100. I plan to beat that number with all the recent incoming suggestions.  If this is entertaining, whip out that Visa card and drop in $10 or $20. Its pretty easy and its tax deductible.

I have a bunch of new sites to highlight but they’ll have wait until tomorrow.

Thanks again and be my friend, please…

Author: Frank Days

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