Day 17: Making up time

I am now more than halfway through this adventure and need to break through the 50% milestone.  One  friend suggested today that the last 50 will be more difficult than the first.  I disagree as the recommendations keep pouring in despite the fact that I have no friends (outside of FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and the Arlington All-in Poker group).

So here is today’s installment (No, I didn’t have to resort to the dating sites…yet….)

Ma.gnolia – A social bookmarking site with a more pleasant user experience.

Dopplr – As a site for the “intelligent business traveller”, I figured this might be interesting.  I’ll have to try this next time I jet off to London.  This reminds me of Brightkite.

Hulu -Founded by NBC Universal and News Corp, this ad supported site helps “people find and enjoy the world’s premium video content when, where and how they want it”.  I didn’t see much that meets my tastes aside of the TV show “The Office”.  Did I stutter?

Mahalo – Claims to be a “human-powered search engine” that is spam-free.  I guess their “great links” are in the eyes of the beholder as their top three links are for swimsuit photos and Grand Theft Auto cheats.

Mixx – Yet another social news/tagging/bookmarking site.

Reddit -See Mixx.

Spock – It claims to be “world’s leading people search engine”.  I recall getting an invitation from a friend years ago for this site.  Given I already have LinkedIn and Plaxo, I’m not sure why I need another site like this.

Socialthing -Yet another aggregator/status updater.  They just added a bunch of new services (10 in total) but it still doesn’t have the reach of others (see Hellotxt and  I do like the fact that you can vote on the next sites they will add to the Lifestream.  I’m just not sure if this will dislodge HelloTxt from the top of my aggregator/updater list.

Second life -I will avoid the obvious joke about having no life so I have to go to this site to get one.

Sons of Sam Horn -As lifelong Red Sox fan, I am very familiar with this site.

Tumblr -A large-print blogging with with templates and easy RSS handling.

Threadless -The community chooses t-shirt designs.  The business supports the artists who create them.  New shirts arrive every week.  I could use some of these threads to increase my coolness factor.

YouTube -Where to go to view a vintage SNL Alex Trebek skit or random embarrassing video.  I need to update the Tangy channel.

Total Sites: 58 down, 42 to go.

That’s all for now.  Keep those recommendations coming and don’t forget to checkout my Brackett Elementary School PTO fundraiser page.

Author: Frank Days

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