Day 21: More Sights and Sounds

OK.  I’ve finally broken out of my recent funk thanks to suggestions from a less sinister duck (that lazy slacker Robb Corduck) as well as a bunch of recent donation from some Fg’ers (thanks to Mark, Mags, Suze and JH) and old Experian-QAS colleagues (thanks Jaime and Jane:-).  Strangely I haven’t seen any suggestions from Fidel Castro – despite being seldom in doubt and frequently wrong, I imagine he visits some interesting sites from his deathbed.

I’ve been on a music and video kick this week as I feel the need for some new inspiration.

Finetune – This is yet another site that provides streamed music.  Like its competitors, it also includes a recommendation engine and a community.  I particularly like the pop-up player with its iTunes feel.  I also discovered the singer Beth Orton and her intoxicating voice.  This site will be in the heavy music rotation until a new competitor unseats it.

Fuzz – These guys get extra credit for persistence.  As I am learning every day, starting a new community from scratch is hard work.  I got 5 emails in the last 24 hours from people trying to befriend me.  These messages were clearly handcrafted.  I was impressed with one sender who knew that Tang was consumed by the astronauts in space (clearly a trivia buff or another hipness seeking Gen-x’er).  I’ll be back when I’m in an indie music mood.  Rock on Mr. Blimp.

Pandora – I tried this music community over a year ago but can’t recall why I didn’t go back.  It will be a while before I go back unless I get tired of Finetune’s recommendations.

Godtube – This site further proves the point that there is a community for all kinds of people.  Maybe I’ll earn some brownie points from the man upstairs for promoting it.

Myoutdoorsite – This is another square state special.  I was looking for a duck hunting photo to post here but that seemed in bad taste.  I particularly enjoyed the posed pictures of little kids along with daddy’s recently killed animal. It is best not to coddle these children.  We are at war after all.

Total: 79 down, 21 to go.  Stay tangy and keep those online donations coming.


Author: Frank Days

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