Day 26: Never Give up…

As the futility of this exercise begins to set in, I am trying to remember those kids at the Brackett Elementary School and the people who pledged money to my online fundraising campaign.

Here is the latest installment. Please remember these are for entertainment purposes only.

Friendster – Along with LinkedIn, these guys were one of the original social media sites.  Frankly I am surprised I’ve never received an invitation from a friend.  My guess is that it is an east coast-west coast thing.  I bet these guys are now thinking “man, we coulda been Facebook if we opened things up earlier”.

SecondBrain and Social URL – Two more aggregators to help me “syndicate” my microdrivel.

Webshots – Another photo sharing site.

The Hype Machine and iLike – Two more music sites.

This brings my total to 85 with 4 short days to go.  Keep those donations coming.

Author: Frank Days

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