Day 30: Crossing the Futility Line

Well my friends, the end is here.  I learned many things on this journey and plan to share them over the next few weeks.  In particular, I discovered that a couple of weeks of Twitter use can’t make you a social media expert (BTW, it takes at least a couple of years in a busted consumer Internet firm or a short stint as a used car salesman to seal the deal).

As always, these picks are for entertainment purposes only (no wagering, please).

Digfoot -I thought I had seen it all with aggregation sites until I found Digfoot.  They take things to another level with a list of 3,701 sites (yes, you read that right, 3,701 sites).  I believe we have a winner.

Diigo – I can just hear their PR guy prepping their CEO for the big press briefing: “We’re powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community, not a social bookmarking site.” I dunno folks, looks like another bookmarking site to me.

Orkut – A social networking and discussion site with an odd name operated by Google.

Disqus -I can use this site to turn my blog comments into an online discussion.  To be honest, I am a little short on comments right now.  You could help with that, please…

Skyrock -Share pictures and video… Meet friends… Does this sound familiar?  It does, however, seem to have some traffic.

GetSatisfaction – “Get Satisfaction is a place where people can get the most from the products they use”.  These guys provide a free community where businesses and their customers can share ideas and solve problems.  You should check out the list of companies using this site.

Kirtsy – In their words: “Kirtsy is a social media platform of pure goodness. A plaza for the peachy. A portal to the pretty. A place to find cool things…. And more.”  Wow, I am speechless.

Funny or Die – You know the end is near when celebrities a piece of the VC fueled action.  We can thank Will Farrell for his support of this site.

Orangutag -And finally we have number 100.  As if I don’t already watch too much TV, I can now create a watchlist for my favorite shows and get a personalized RSS feed to share them with everyone.  I just need a super BigGulp, a half gallon of ice cream and a bag of Doritos to go with this site.

I’d like to thank everyone who made this happen.  My parents, my friends at Firstgiving, donors to my fundraising page as well as that aspiring social media mogul Limeduck.

Author: Frank Days

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