Post Mortem: Social Media Sites I Use

So here were are almost a month after the completion of my social media journey.  As promised, here is the list of sites I am still using:

Twitter: Now that their major outages seem to be behind them, I can regularly share my microdrivel with my “followers”.

Facebook: Gen-X is now embracing Facebook and I am regularly getting friend requests from my World 1.0.

Flickr: I like their desktop application for uploading pictures.

HelloTxt: One click and I can push my status updates to over 10 sites.

LinkedIn: My professional network still uses this site.

Netvibes: Nice interface for aggregating news and other feeds.

Finetune: My 20 something friends rave about but I find Finetune site much more intuitive.

I just made my final donation to my online fundraising page bringing the total to $340.  Thank you again to all of my supporters.

Going forward, I plan to regularly add to the Tangy list as the supply of social media sites is virtually endless.  Keep the recommendations coming and stay Tangy.

Author: Frank Days

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