Davis Square Chugger Alert

My British friends have an expression for those people hanging around, blocking sidewalks and taking other disruptive measures to get you to give to their cause of the day.  They call them charity muggers or “chuggers“.

Given the plethora of chuggers who have descended on Davis Square in Somerville, Limeduck and I have decided to create a map to help you get to lunch without being accosted.

Today’s lunchtime chugger sightings: 6

Democratic National Committee: 2 (in front of CVS)

Human Rights Campaign: 4 (2 in front of the Holland street T entrance, 2 at the College avenue entrance)

It would be nice to have at least one lunch without the guilt trip from some overly enthusiastic 20-something blocking my path.  I don’t know about you but I can say I gave at the office.

Please forward any chugger sightings if you see them.

Stay tangy friends.

Author: Frank Days

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