Can you trust anyone?

The issue of trust seems to be everywhere today.

  • Can we trust our politicians when they say we need a massive bank bailout?
  • Can I trust that this charity will spend my money wisely?
  • Can I trust this online business is not some elaborate phishing scheme to clean out my bank account?

Over the years, some of the brightest marketing minds have explored ways to build trust between a customer and business. In 2003, Glen Urban, former Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management (and my grad school research adviser) published a paper titled “The Trust Imperative” which shares things you can do to build trust. It highlights specific ideas like “being transparent in all you do” and “helping customers help themselves”.

Even though this research was performed almost 10 years ago, I marvel at how the key points of it are still relevant today for online businesses. You can find the full paper here.

Author: Frank Days

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