Why do marketers love social media?

Here are some of the reasons that came into my head:

  • Shiny new object: It is where the action is today even with the bursting of the Web 2.0 bubble
  • My favorite four letter word: Most of the channels are free (or almost free)
  • Good listeners: There is always someone you can talk with since the conversations are going 24/7
  • Easy to try: There are low-cost/no-cost ways to test most media
  • Accountable: It is easy to track referrers from these media
  • (Almost) Famous: With so many sites, you can be a legend somewhere (besides your own mind)
  • Branding building: You can enhance your personal brand as you do your day job
  • Accessible tools: A quick trip to Mashable.com shows the hundreds of free, easy-to-use tools to make you look like a social media rockstar.
  • Agile marketing: You don’t need to wait for your agency to make changes to your blog or Facebook page.

Why do you use social media?

Author: Frank Days

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