My week in social media and beyond

Busy week so I didn’t have time for any opinion pieces.  Here are some highlights from the week and what is on my mind.

WebInno21 – Amazingly this was my first time at the event.  I’ve signed up before but each time it just never happened.  If you in are in Boston, it is a must.  Almost 500 entrepreneurs and service providers filled the room.  Unlike other “networking events”, this one was packed with people actually trying to build stuff and change the world.

Adroit Interactive –  They received the most votes from the crowd at WebInno.  I really like the idea of dynamically driven ads, but I am also wary of any business working on a CPM basis when the aftermarket prices for online ads are under $1 these days.

BravoCart – I am sucker for boring (sorry guys but shopping carts are not sexy) technologies that make a big difference.  I know, I know, shopping carts are so 1998 but I would bet these guys have the most success of the the main dishes at Webinno.  In the end, their core customers will “get it” and the ROI will be easier to demonstrate.

Dropcard – I handed one guy my business card and he immediately typed it into his iPhone.  It wasn’t until I returned to my office the next day that I discovered he had sent me an electronic business card.  Pretty cool.

Dapper – Adriot’s competitor in the dynamic ad market gets bonus points.  I was among the compulsive tweeters at WebInno and Dapper smartly responded to one of my tweets.  They are now on my radar.  I guess social media really does work.

I am off to SXSW (that is South by Southwest for the rest of us) next week.  I should have lots of tasty morsels to blog about.

Stay tangy.

Author: Frank Days

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