Are you an accountable marketer?

I think marketing people get a bad rap and often think that accountability is the root cause.  Too often we use words like “brand building” to mask the fact that we can’t connect some of our activities with tangible results.

Here are some questions to assess how accountable you are as a marketer.

  • Do you do everything you can to track the results of a program (ie coded URLs, special offers, etc)?
  • Do you freely admit when a program was a complete bust even if all the data is not in?
  • Do you create a back of the envelope estimate for the campaign before you start with the creative?
  • Have you sensitivity tested your campaign assumptions based on past program results?
  • Do you ruthlessly remove the worst performing programs from your budget each year?
  • Are you always looking for something that can outperform your tried and true programs?
  • Is your CFO an ally?
  • Does your CEO offer you more budget if you can find positive ROI programs?
  • Do you favor effective over creative?
  • Do you have a bias toward measurable programs?

Did I miss any others? Let me know.

Author: Frank Days

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