And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here?

The Talking Heads were playing on the radio as I made my trek to the train this morning.  I imagine many people are asking this very question today about their personal and professional lives.  What did I do to get into this situation?  I guess the better question now is “what do I do to make the the most of my future opportunities”? All the cliches about hard work and “making our own breaks” aside, now is the time to think about what could happen before it happens.

Many times in my professional life I am asked to help people locked up with too many “priorities”.  My strategy is simple.  Make a list of everything that is on his/her mind and force rank them by priority (A, B or C).  I know we want it all but we can’t.  It is better to make a decision about priorities than have it emerge based on unintentional neglect.  The decision will be made now or later.  Isn’t it more empowering to make it yourself than have it make itself?

So what are you doing to make the hard decisions?

Author: Frank Days

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