A post evangelic social media world

As a followup to my recent rant about faith-based arguments, I grappling for a better label for a social media proponent.  Aside from the obvious consultant label (self deprecating barb), I came up with  the idea of replacing “social media evangelist” with “social media pragmatist”.

Imagine what Twitter would be like if people spent more time admitting that some social media were not adding much business value.  Conversations could be less opinion based and more factual.  We wouldn’t have to hear the same old tired stories about the  hype spot of the day or that crummy low margin etailer who everyone loves because its CEO tweets alot.  We could get down to discussing business transformation and measurable outcomes.  Boring things like sales, leads and net promoter scores could become the only meaningful metrics.

One can only dream…

Author: Frank Days

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