Fresh ideas…

The tech marketing holy trinity (ie webinars, whitepapers and tradeshows) still rule for most of the B2B marketers I meet.  That doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about ways to test the waters with new/social media.  While their customers may not be gathering and connecting in great numbers in these channel (yet), opportunities still exist to share content and start the conversation.

Here are three fresh things you can try:

Update Linkedin – Make sure your company profile is up-to-date and check out a few groups where you think your prospect are chatting.  If you feel ambitious, start a couple of discussions.  While the groups are a little spammy, there is a also a ton of action.

Do a Google blog search – Check out what people are saying about you or your competitors in the blogosphere.  Even better, setup a Google blog alert for your top 5 organic search terms.  This gives you the opportunity to comment on relevant posts.

Peek at your Web referrer logs – I am always surprised to find new sources in my organic web traffic.  It often gives me fresh ideas for online content and campaigns.

Any other super simple things you have tried?  How have they worked?

Author: Frank Days

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