History repeating itself

About ten years ago corporations often blocked Hotmail and AOL from employees. It is amazing how many times in the last month I’ve heard about this same behavior going on with social media.  I know that looking at pictures from a neighbor’s BBQ on Facebook is quite dangerous but let’s get serious. Using this logic, then corporate IT should also turn off all access to Web browsing, blogging and personal emailing.

I wonder when businesses will get comfortable with these new media and trust that employees can act responsibly?

Author: Frank Days

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  1. The one that I have been hearing about a lot is companies banning gmail.

    The difference between now and 1995 when Hotmail was banned is that everyone who is anyone carries a smart phone where they can access their favorite forms of communication and social media. Fortunately, there is no practical way to ban “personal” cell phones in a corporate environment.

    So here’s a big F – U to “the man”

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