Calling the top of the social media market?

So what is tangy these days?  I think it might be time to call the top of the social media market.  I know, I know, people have been doing this since mid 2007 but I think we finally might have the traffic numbers to back this up.  Check out the traffic for what I consider three core social media sites for B2B marketers over the last four months. For some reason, the embedded graphs don’t show September which is flat for each graph so you should click through to Compete to get the full picture.

One B2B site that seems to be growing is LinkedIn.  I guess people are still job hunting.

OK, four months is not necessarily conclusive especially when they span the summer but it makes me wonder…

So what does this all mean?

  • Is the traffic migrating elsewhere?
  • Are people focusing on job hunting again?
  • Do the students now have homework?

I guess we’ll really know we’re at the top when the Twitter guys sell out.  Insiders typically sell right before the crash, right?  FYI, they recently raised another round of VC money so I may be premature in calling the top.

What do you think – are we at the top yet?

Author: Frank Days

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