23 social media things for your next software marketing announcement

In no particular order:

  1. Blog it
  2. Tweet it
  3. Digg it
  4. Stumble it
  5. Post in  LinkedIn groups
  6. Add to email signature
  7. Tweet it again later today
  8. Post to Facebook group(s)/fan page(s)
  9. Update your LinkedIn status
  10. Share in customer forums
  11. Reddit
  12. Create a one minute podcast for iTunes
  13. Record a one minute Webcam video for YouTube
  14. Upload your PPT to Slideshare
  15. Create a Friendfeed
  16. Get your blog listed on Technorati
  17. Tweet it tomorrow
  18. Update/create your Wikipedia page
  19. Post to vertical communities like Toolbox.com
  20. Ask friends to retweet
  21. Ask friends to “like” on Facebook
  22. Beg your favorite bloggers to mention
  23. Post picture from announcement party to Flickr

I’m sure I missed some.  Any other suggestions?

Author: Frank Days

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  1. Great list. A few more:

    24. Post one-minute “quick-tour” of features and benefits
    25. Craft one-pager with pre-release comments from editors, analysts, beta customers
    26. Write “Top 5 problems solved” by the SW and syndicate through all the channels on #1-23

  2. 27. Add to Slashdot
    28. Post to Delicious
    29. Create an LOL cat

  3. 30. Hold a BBQ tweetup about it. Social media experts find free food irresistible. They will come from near and far, devour all you offer, and then blog about your product.

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