The summer of Frank has become the winter of Novell

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I joined Novell as the Director of New and Social Media back in October.  I am superstitious and don’t like to announce things for 60 days (it is a long story about potatoes and blenders that my wife would be glad to share with you).

Yes, the “summer of Frank” is officially over as I settle in to a new office and working with a new team. I wasn’t actively looking for a full time gig but this was a pretty special opportunity.  Novell has a long legacy with online communities dating back to the Compuserve days and I am excited to help the team get the most out of this generation of social channels. I am also thrilled to be one of seven Sloanies on the team (that makes me lucky, Justin, right?).  I guess I am going to have to make things happen as Troy Monney who runs our Field Marketing team gave me the nickname the “silver bullet”.  How’s that for no pressure?

A couple of quick thank yous to my peeps at PJA Advertising. I learned a ton over the summer from Mike O’Toole, Phil Johnson, Hugh Kennedy, Matt Magee, Andy Kling and the rest of the team.  There are also too many great people to me who made this a memorable adventure including Paige Arnof-Fenn, Jim Storer, Rachel Happe, Bob Collins, Jeff Cutler, Mark Sutton, Matt Grant, and the wannabe food blogger known as Limeduck.  It was great to reconnect with everyone at Experian-QAS including Beatriz Santin and Richard Delahaye.  And finally, I’d say good luck to the graphic designer who replaced me at my previous company.

Please do keep in touch and stay tuned.  I am planning to share more of my learnings and continue to challenge the conventional wisdom of those so called “social media evangelists”.

Thanks and stay tangy my friends.

– Frank

Author: Frank Days

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